Saturday, January 17, 2009

Let me talk about my kids, my favorite subject.  Hunter is 10.  He is into sports (football and baseball).  His football team went undefeated this year and won their divisional championship. Did I mention this was his first time playing?  He had fantastic coaches and the kids got along great!  We're waiting for baseball to start again, he's played that since he was 6.  Ryan (dad) coaches along with a good friend of ours.  Hunter plays first base and has been nicknamed "hoover" cause he doesn't miss.  Taylor is our older daughter who will be 8 in March.  She loves to dance!  She will play soccer in the spring, but loves to dance most of all.  She can shimmy with the best of them.  Jake is 2.  He is our entertainment.  Jake has a whole lot to say, but not many understand anything he says.  He has been talking to us for about a year now, but in his own language.  Hunter and Taylor have ruined him for life, but he sure is fun!  Madison is our youngest, at 6 months.  She (thankfully) is a happy baby and just likes to sit and watch the others.


  1. Just discovered you in the "blogosphere!" The kids look great. Hope you're all doing well.