Saturday, January 17, 2009

And the dog...have you ever had a love/hate relationship with someone?  Mine is with the dog...he is smart-can do many tricks on command (or when he chooses to), but is destructive.  You should research the dog breed BEFORE you get one.  The kids wanted a big dog to replace our beloved Bailey (cocker spaniel).  Mom always give in, so we rescued Gus at 3 months of age.  He has eaten our patio furniture (3 chairs and a table, left one for him to lie in comfortably), 4 dog beds (including one that was listed as "indestructible") several socks and bibs and a pillow.  Oh yes, 2 plastic door covers for his dog door, which is now completely open.  The first picture you see is him trying to lick the camera while standing on my washer.  He has successfully started his version of the "midnight bark" in our neighborhood, which I'm sure our neighbors are as thrilled about as we are.

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