Thursday, January 29, 2009

Jake - pure entertainment

I mentioned once before that Jake was our entertainer.  We don't know where he comes with up with these things.  Granted, the others are funny, Hunter is learning subtle humor, and Taylor has always had it..."good times".  But Jake is in a class all his own.  The majority of our time the past 6 months has been sword fighting with him thanks to "Mik Mouse Teers" (Mickey Mouse - the Three Muskateers movie).  He watches this daily, and brings us "ha-yas".  Ha-yas consist of anything long and straight.  His favorite is a broken down plastic broom handle, but he will use the Handy Manny screwdrivers as backup.  He brings them to you and says "play ha-yas please" to whomever isn't doing something.  Now, as a speech therapist, my 2 year old using 3 word phrasing is great, but the game is getting old, but what can you do.  The first video is Jake beating his dad at swordfighting.
The next video is Jake playing with Madison's "stuff".  There isn't much I can say about this...he came up with it all on his own!

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  1. Why see the need to teach your son about the once in a lifetime moment in history playing behind him? I'm sure he'll be discussing sword fighting in school for years to come and not even mention President Obama.