Friday, March 6, 2009

Running the Gauntlet

If anyone has ever tried to white water raft, you know what "running the gauntlet" means.  In my house, it means to overcome whatever obstacles come in your way of doing any simple task, like feeding a baby.  Madison has decided that mealtime should be fun for everyone.  The video speaks for itself...enjoy!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Jake - pure entertainment

I mentioned once before that Jake was our entertainer.  We don't know where he comes with up with these things.  Granted, the others are funny, Hunter is learning subtle humor, and Taylor has always had it..."good times".  But Jake is in a class all his own.  The majority of our time the past 6 months has been sword fighting with him thanks to "Mik Mouse Teers" (Mickey Mouse - the Three Muskateers movie).  He watches this daily, and brings us "ha-yas".  Ha-yas consist of anything long and straight.  His favorite is a broken down plastic broom handle, but he will use the Handy Manny screwdrivers as backup.  He brings them to you and says "play ha-yas please" to whomever isn't doing something.  Now, as a speech therapist, my 2 year old using 3 word phrasing is great, but the game is getting old, but what can you do.  The first video is Jake beating his dad at swordfighting.
The next video is Jake playing with Madison's "stuff".  There isn't much I can say about this...he came up with it all on his own!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

So, the Wii phenomenon has finally come to our house.  Hunter has made several characters "pro" in the bowling category...just cause he can.  Cow racing, though, is my favorite.  Have you seen it? Macrame cows plowing through trees and jumping hurdles.  How great is that?  The intensity seen on the faces of children as they maneuver their cows through the obstacle course, talking to their cows, urging them on to the finish line.  Family fun at it's best!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

And the dog...have you ever had a love/hate relationship with someone?  Mine is with the dog...he is smart-can do many tricks on command (or when he chooses to), but is destructive.  You should research the dog breed BEFORE you get one.  The kids wanted a big dog to replace our beloved Bailey (cocker spaniel).  Mom always give in, so we rescued Gus at 3 months of age.  He has eaten our patio furniture (3 chairs and a table, left one for him to lie in comfortably), 4 dog beds (including one that was listed as "indestructible") several socks and bibs and a pillow.  Oh yes, 2 plastic door covers for his dog door, which is now completely open.  The first picture you see is him trying to lick the camera while standing on my washer.  He has successfully started his version of the "midnight bark" in our neighborhood, which I'm sure our neighbors are as thrilled about as we are.

Let me talk about my kids, my favorite subject.  Hunter is 10.  He is into sports (football and baseball).  His football team went undefeated this year and won their divisional championship. Did I mention this was his first time playing?  He had fantastic coaches and the kids got along great!  We're waiting for baseball to start again, he's played that since he was 6.  Ryan (dad) coaches along with a good friend of ours.  Hunter plays first base and has been nicknamed "hoover" cause he doesn't miss.  Taylor is our older daughter who will be 8 in March.  She loves to dance!  She will play soccer in the spring, but loves to dance most of all.  She can shimmy with the best of them.  Jake is 2.  He is our entertainment.  Jake has a whole lot to say, but not many understand anything he says.  He has been talking to us for about a year now, but in his own language.  Hunter and Taylor have ruined him for life, but he sure is fun!  Madison is our youngest, at 6 months.  She (thankfully) is a happy baby and just likes to sit and watch the others.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Creating a blog

I just set up my blog...not sure if i'll be using the correct terminology at first, so be patient and suggestions are welcome. I am Rebekah. I am a speech therapist. I have just had our fourth child (two boys, two girls) and am dealing with a lab puppy. Things happen quickly around our house and I am learning that I need to be looking around all the time, camera in hand in order to catch it all.